After Builders Cleaning

When the renovation or construction is completed, rely on Tidy Up. We will make your home or a new project sparkle after the builders have gone! After Builders or renovation cleaning are performed on different objects ranging from houses and flats to several floors office buildings. Range of services:
Removal of fine trash, foil, polystyrene, etc.
Vacuuming of all floors
Windows with window frames and sills
Removing of dirt and a protective film
Cleaning of all dust after construction
Removal of cement and lime traces from all surfaces and objects
Thorough floor cleaning including polishing
Deep cleaning of the kitchen surface areas, including inside and outside of cupboards
Deep cleaning of the bathroom, including de-liming and de-scaling of the tiles, showers, toilet, and the bathroom fixtures
Cleaning: radiators, doors, electrical fittings, balustrades
Cleaning of stainless steel surfaces
Individual customer preferences
After Builders and Renovation Services are provided by our own cleaning supplies and accessories. We provide the opportunity to work at various hours and on Saturdays if needed. When it comes to a newly built property we arrange a free viewing on the site. If the job is small (for example after renovation cleaning), we can give you an approximate amount over the phone. Please take a note the final price will be confirmed on site. If you are interested in getting a detailed offer or getting a quote, please fill out the contact form, phone or send an inquiry to