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HMO Cleaning

HMO Cleaning

We specialize in maintaining a high standard of cleaning in HMO projects.

In our experience, we know the regular cleaning helps bring you, potential tenants!

If you are a Property Owner or a Property Manager and want to reduce your in-house maintenance costs well improving the overall appearance of your facility, we can help. We offer a weekly or fortnightly service, which we tailor to your individual requirements.

We clean all communal areas including kitchen, bathrooms, living room, hallways and all other shared areas, giving landlords peace of mind that the cleaning is being kept on the top of.

When we clean the HMO properties we pay attention to any changes in the home and if there will be an issue we immediately inform the owner or manager.

Our primary regular weekly clean programme:


  • Dust Light Fixtures
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Wipe on all counter tops
  • Smudges removed from cabinets & drawers
  • Stains removed from doors & light fixtures
  • Wipe down exterior of washing machine
  • Wiping down appliances & under them
  • Sink cleaned
  • Clean exterior & interior of Microwave
  • Clean exterior of Refrigerator (& interior at extra time)
  • Clean exterior of Oven (& interior at extra time)
  • Clean hob
  • Wipe down Tables & Chairs
  • Clean rubbish bins
  • Dust/Vacuum skirting boards
  • Sweep floor
  • Mop floor

Communal Living Areas

  • Dust Ceiling light shades
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Wipe down Window Sills
  • Dust Picture Frames
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Smudges removed from doors & light switches
  • Dust Furniture & skirting boards
  • Clean front and back doors
  • Vacuum floors
  • Flat mop all hard floors


  • Dust light fixtures
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Wipe down Window Sills
  • Dust Picture Frames
  • Smudges removed from Cabinets & Drawers
  • Stains removed from Doors & Walls
  • Sinks Cleaned
  • Bathroom Fixtures Cleaned & Shined
  • Mirrors Cleaned
  • Shower Glass and tub Cleaned
  • Toilet Cleaned
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Sweep or vacuum floors
  • Flat mop all hard floors


Customer in Salford

“I have never had any problems with this company. They are very reliable, tidy and always on time. They are all absolutely lovely. 100% recommended, they will do what ever I have asked.”

Full regular clean. November 15, 2016

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