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Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

If you are a busy Homeowner with no desire or time to clean your home or if you would rather just spend that valuable time with your family or friends, we understand that. Life can get busy so why not save some extra time and let us do the cleaning for you? We eliminate dirt, dust, stains, and germs so you can live in a healthy environment.

Check out our cleaning standards for each area in your home.


                • We will clean worktops, kitchen fronts, tables and chairs
                • Kitchen splashback, hob, extractor hood and sink
                • Fridges from the outside and other appliance exteriors
                • Inside and outside of your microwave
                • Window sills
                • Emptying rubbish
                • Vacuum and mop floor


                • We will clean mirrors and window sills
                • Toilets and sinks will be cleaned
                • Tiles inside the shower/bath
                • Shower enclosure inside and out
                • Emptying rubbish
                • Vacuum and mop floors
                • Deodorise any smells


                • We will Tidy Up sofas and beds
                • Dust coffee table, dining table and window sills
                • All mirrors and picture frames will be cleaned
                • We will make sure all cobwebs are removed
                • Empty and clean all ashtrays and wastebaskets
                • Vacuum carpets
                • Mop hard floors


Customer in Salford

“I have never had any problems with this company. They are very reliable, tidy and always on time. They are all absolutely lovely. 100% recommended, they will do what ever I have asked.”

Full regular clean. November 15, 2016

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